Sammy Sherman Smith, AKA Skids, is a recent edition to Stanky’s crew. He was born with an extremely rare condition that occurs in only one in every 20 million skunks making him appear all white with a black stripe, opposite the normal skunk coloring. His whole life he has been teased by a lot of the other skunks. As a result he developed a very negative attitude, and STINKN’ THINKIN’ is his dominate way of thinking. As soon as he moved to town, Stanky quickly recruited him to be part of the crew. Sammy was so excited to be accepted, he didn’t even care what his new friends were like. It seems that he will do anything to please Stanky because he wants to make sure that someone likes him.
Sammy’s nickname is Skids because of the black stripe down his back. All the other skunks called him “skid marks,” and it was shortened to “Skids.” He absolutely hates his nickname but has gotten used to it so it doesn’t bother him anymore. Well, it still bothers him, but he just keeps a lot of his STINKIN’ THINKIN’ to himself these days.