Mary Elizabeth Smith – AKA “Sweetie”

Sweetie is a coach and mentor for other little STINKY skunks. She had a rough start in life because she was an orphan. For the early part of her life, she really STANK. She struggled everyday feeling that the world was out to get her. For years she blamed everyone for her problems, and it wasn’t until she noticed that she REEKED of STENCH did she start to change things.

Then one day while foraging through someone else’s STINKY garbage she noticed something. Before crawling up to the trash can, she thought to herself, “I bet there isn’t a STINKING thing in the garbage to eat.” And she was right. In it, there was just a bunch of STINKY stuff that turned her stomach. Believe it or not, that was a defining moment for her because she realized for the first time that the very thing she thought about actually happened. Her gut, or intuition, led her to try an experiment. She decided that when she saw the next garbage can, she would use her mind to picture fruit and cake being in the trash can and nothing smelly at all.

Within a few minutes, she found a new trash can. Her first thought was, “This is a stupid STINKIN’ experiment.” However, she decided to go through with the experiment. She then changed her STINKIN’ THINKIN’ to picture fruit and chocolate cake just waiting for her inside that trash can. After a few minutes, she crawled up to the trash can and opened the lid.

As she moved the lid, she nearly passed out with the SWEET smell that poured out. As the trash can spilled over, she saw what was causing the strong scent. It was an unopened box of chocolate cake!!!! She then saw some apples that were lying right beside the box of chocolate cake. JACKPOT!

For the next few weeks Sweetie questioned herself and the experiment. She had just about convinced herself that it was all just a bunch of bologna when something significant happened that changed her life for good.