Tabitha Tessa Tomlinson, AKA Twiggy, is Sweetie’s best friend. She was quite a negative little stinker in her day. She lives with both her parents and is in the same class as Sweetie. She used to be so mean to Sweetie, and it goes to show you how special Sweetie is to forgive Twiggy for all the things she did to her. In fact, Twiggy was mean to everyone. She was mean because it was her way of dealing with being so skinny. Twiggy also used to talk all the time and only cared about herself. If someone else would try to speak, Twiggy would cut them off and tell a bigger story. It didn’t matter if it was true or not, she just wanted to impress others.
Her parents were quite poor and didn’t have much to give Twiggy. She was very tall but was really skinny. Her mom and dad were really big skunks and were so overweight they barely could fit through a door. Twiggy did not want to be that big, ever. When Sweetie met her, Twiggy would hardly eat anything for fear of being fat. Sweetie slowly started working with her, changing one negative belief at a time. Before long Twiggy changed her beliefs, which allowed her to eat as much food as she wanted. She learned she could eat as much as she wanted as long as it was good, healthy food. Twiggy did gain a little weight but is much healthier with the Sweetie’s help.