Change Your Thoughts

Yesterday, my wife and I delivered Meals on Wheels to shutins in our community.  Before I started, I was having a very hectic and frustrating morning.  The thing that I noticed as soon as I started doing kind deeds for others by volunteering my time, my thoughts about the frustrations subsided.  My energy increased and my outlook was much more positive.

I do love delivering the meals to these people.  One of them is all dolled up with make-up and nice clothes each time.  My wife talks to her each time and compliments her appearance.  I wonder if she does it every day or just the days that MOW delivers.  One older man answered the door and the first words were “Ya gonna get wet!”  He said it in a raspy tone.  I looked up to see a bright sunny day and said, “Nope, we going to miss it.”  He looked back and gave me a look that said you are going to need an umbrella.  A couple of deliveries later, another older man said, “It’s gonna rain.  We need it though so that is good.”  I walked back to the car and sure enough, there was a dark line of clouds coming.  Within a few minutes there was a downpour.  And guess what?  Yep, I got wet!

If you are feeling a littel down and need a boost of energy, try volunteering for some community service.  I promise you will feel better when you are done.

Peace and kindness,


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