Buried in his jammies?

Today my wife, son, my son’s girlfriend, and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the King Tutankhamun exhibit.  Every single time I hear King Tut’s name I instantly start singing the Steve Martin song from the ’70’s.  “…King Tut, buried in his jammies, King Tut…”   Sorry about that. 

If you have not yet been to see the King Tut exhibit, I would highly recommend you checking it out.  It was an awesome exhibit filled with some unbelievable history.  I suggest that you watch the 24 minute movie before you start.  It gives some good information that helps you understand what you are about to see.  I also recommend renting the speaker devices to listen to additional information on a number of the exhibits.

 One of the most surprising items in the exhibit for me was the funerary mask of Lady Tjuya.  It shows a cool smiling face which I had never seen anything like before in Egyptian artifacts.  It had lots of positive energy and it was as if this lady’s personality was captured in that mask.  I thought it was just so very cool.  If you get the chance to see the exhibit, I would love to have you put your comments on this post.  The question I would ask you is this, “What was your favorite thing about the exhibit?”

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Peace and Gratitude,


PS. I didn’t see those famous jammies anywhere. 🙂

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