Music is Healing

The other day I watched a really good movie.  It was called August Rush.  It was about an orphaned boy who uses music to try to re-connect with his parents to heal old wounds.  It has a good story along with some good acting.

The movie got me thinking about some articles I read recently about the healing aspects of music.  At first, I didn’t really buy into music as a healing expression.  After giving it a little more thought, I have changed my mind.  Since everything including your body is vibrating at a molecular level, why wouldn’t music involve healing?  Music is nothing more than vibrations of sounds so it would be possible for music to heal.

I listen to Mozart all the time.  I had heard somewhere that Beethoven was like heaven but Mozart was heaven.  I can understand that statement now.  I actually wrote my 2nd book, The Building Blocks of Creation: An Adolescent’s Guide to Awareness , while listening to Mozart on my iPod at the airport during several flight cancelations.  It was like Mozart cleared my so I could focus on my writing.   Now I listen to Mozart anytime I want my creative juices to flow.  I also really enjoy going to any Mozart symphony because I typically get “lost” in the music.  This is saying a lot from someone who use to say that if there isn’t any words, it isn’t really music.  Boy, I sure have changed a lot over the past several years!

Peace, gratitude, and healing music,


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