Kindness Today

Today is a good day to do something kind for yourself. I know that it is probably easier to do something kind for someone else, but today, do something for yourself. I am going to do a few things. First, I am going to do one thing that I have been putting off for quite some time. Then I am going to create my mini vision board picture frame for February. In considering what I would do today, I wanted to make sure to do something that was fun. I realized that haven’t played any games (xBox, online, etc) in a long, long time. So with that in mind, I am going to take an hour or so and play a game. I cringe as I think about the wasted time that I could be doing something productive but you know, it is productive when you think about it. Doing something fun puts you in a good mood and it really is a good thing to do something that lets your mind rest for awhile.  When you are relaxed and happy, you will automatically be helping others with your good attitude.

Peace, love, and FUN!


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