Day 1: The Green Energy Drink Saga

Well, today I finally did it.  I drank my first Pure Energy Greens drink from the Tony Robbins.  I had been putting it off for a week now but decided today was the day.  I opened the lid and smelled what I was about to drink.  It actually smelled like chocolate so I thought this might not be so bad after all.  That quickly went away as I mixed it with 16oz of water bottle.  It looked like dirt mixed with water and pretty much tasted the same.  I was able to choke it down though.

I am going to continue doing this for a little while to see if I can tell the difference.  I am starting with just one drink a day and will graduate to 2 on the 5th day.  If you have ever tried one of these energy green drinks, please let me know how the experience was for you.

With gratitude,


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