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When we are at work, we create a lot of “what if” scenarios.  Should something go wrong, we have the process and procedures to deal with them.  So, why not try the same thing in your personal life.  Create a plan of action when negative thinking runs rampant or when an emotional crisis breaks out.  See below for a new kind of first-aid kit from Cheryl Richardson
 Today’s Quote
“An Extreme Self-Care First-Aid Kit is a well-prepared plan of action put in place before you need to use it.  It consists of things you can do on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level that will give you comfort, connection, and a feeling of steadiness while navigating the rough waters of a crisis.  When faced with a difficult period, what matters most is that you return to the behaviors and practices that reflect Extreme Self-Care as quickly as possible, so you can restore yourself to sanity and strength.  That way, you’ll bring your best, most resourceful self to the challenge at hand.” The Art of Extreme Self-Care (Cheryl Richardson, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and coach)

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