Books About Bullying

As the number of children who are bullied in schools throughout the United States keeps rising, it becomes obvious that bullying is definitely not something that should be overlooked or ignored. Half of the student population between 4th and 10th grade claims to having been bullied, either verbally or physically, at one point while they were at school. Since this issue can often scar a person for life, it is essential for a victim to get as much help as possible, and one of the best ways of helping a child deal with bullying is by encouraging him or her to read books about bullying.

Kids always find it extremely difficult to handle bullies and their obnoxious behavior, but books about bullying can be very useful. These books, written by experts, offer sensible advice on how to behave when an aggressor tries to abuse you verbally or physically. When it comes to threats and taunts, the best way of handling them is by remaining calm, shrugging off the insults and reporting the bully to your parent, trusted teacher, school counselor or other authority figure. Aggressive teenagers who like to humiliate their peers often lose interest if the victim doesn’t react, so remaining calm is one technique to get rid of the bully and ensure safety.

Books about bullying also mention different kinds of physical bullying, such as hitting, slapping, pushing, tripping, spitting, or even sexually harassing someone. Stealing one’s lunch or pocket money is considered physical bullying, too, and it is recommendable to report the problem to an authority that can intervene and protect you the next time a bully attempts to strike.

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