Books on Bullying

The way people are treated when they are young is one of the most important factors that determine what kind of personality they will develop. If a person is verbally or physically abused, it takes a lot of time and professional assistance from psychologists for that person to get rid of the feelings of low self-esteem, embarrassment, depression etc. and to start living a normal life. Reading books on bullying can be useful for overcoming the problem, especially if a child has no one in his surroundings to rely on and ask for help.

Teenagers often bully each other for various reasons: appearance, race, intelligence, interests, socio-economic background, religious views, sexual preferences… In most cases, these reasons are just an excuse for a bully to take out his anger and frustrations on someone whom he perceives as being inferior and weaker, which is why both the bully and the victim need expert advice and guidance in order to become fully functioning members of society. Books on bullying urge parents, teachers and other figures of authority to learn how to recognize signs of bullying and how to properly respond to such situations.

The best way of dealing with problems of all kinds is by encouraging open communication and reacting to problems immediately as they arise. Adolescents may not be very keen on discussing the details of their private lives with parents or teachers, but if they bottle up their feelings and don’t share what’s happening, it’s almost impossible to help them. Books on bullying are full of information about this issue and they can help children protect themselves from bullies.

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