Kids Bullying

Kids bullying one another shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a normal part of growing up. Neither should it be treated as just a ‘harmless rite of passage’. While bullying between siblings may be harmless and playful, bullying in general can have many negative effects on both the bully and the victim, and is a serious problem. The consequences can be far-reaching and damaging. Sometimes, the damage on the victims of kids bullying is long-term and affects nearly every part of their lives from emotional well being to career success. Kids bullying can sometimes affect the victims’ adult lives. The damage can have negative consequences for health, relationships and careers later in life.

Some bullying survivors find it difficult to keep a job when they become adults. They can also have more psychiatric troubles than those who were not bullied. Other ill-effects of kids bullying include low self-esteem, poor grades, physical health issues, depression, anxiety and panic attacks that could develop into mental and behavior problems in adulthood like increased risks for depressive, anxiety and panic disorder.

Unless parents and school authorities act on the bullying problems that are happening now, the psychological damage will continue to proliferate. We need to improve intervention strategies to curb this form of oppression that’s happening. Correcting the problem of kids bullying can help reduce human suffering and create a more suitable environment for our kids growing up.

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