ICICIW – The New Mindset

bonus4Last summer after baseball season was over, I was helping my awesome nephew with his baseball skills.  I am a firm believer that baseball, or any sport for that matter, requires as much mental preparation as does physical preparation.  As a result, I created a book for him to write down quotes, set goals, etc.  One of the things I developed during my work with him was “ICICIW” approach to accomplishing tough goals.

It goes something like this when faced with a monumental goal:

  1. First you think, “I can’t.” – (IC)
  2. You then must change that thinking to “I Can.” (IC)  Obviously having an “I Can” attitude is a ton better than “I Can’t” but stating and believing that way is still in future tense.
  3. To accomplish that tough goal, you take the next step, “I WILL.”  (IW)

Isn’t it true that our first thought is that we can’t do something.  Then we start working on it and when things start going well, we think we can do it.  However, taking the leap from “I Can’t” to “I Will” is pretty far to take for most people.  Affirming that “I Will” can actually have a negative impact on meeting your goals when you do not BELIEVE it.

It’s simple to accomplish that goal, (being a starter on the basketball team, making the volleyball team, or being a starting pitcher for the baseball/softball team), start with “I Can” and affirm it until you BELIEVE it.  Then change your affirmations to “I WILL” as soon as you feel a shift that it can be accomplished.

With peace and gratitude,

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