Fleuretta Danielle De Lorme, AKA Sugar, has a completely different story than the other two little stinkers. She was born in the back hull of a cruise liner that traveled to France. Once the workers saw her and her mother, they put them in a cage and shipped them off to a local zoo in Paris. After six weeks, she was separated from her mother and sent to the United States. Eventually, she was transferred to the orphanage. Fleuretta was a gossiper. She would tell all sorts of stories and would never tell the truth about anything. The other skunks had a saying at the orphanage about Sugar. They joked, “How can you tell if Fleuretta is lying or not?” The answer was, “If her lips are moving.” This did not set well with Sugar. When she told her fibs, she made up places and events that never happened to her. At first she was liked by the other orphans because she seemed so exotic, but that was until they discovered she was not telling the truth. From that time on, no one ever wanted to talk to her because she told little fibs on the other skunks that would get them into trouble. As soon as Sweetie started mentoring her, she started seeing the beauty in telling the truth. She started with the exercise given to her from Sweeite “Take Out Your STINKIN’ Trash” (insert link) and has never been the same. In only two short weeks, she was transformed into Sugar because she is just so sweet now!