Larry Lenard Landry, AKA Lavy, was the bully of the orphanage. He was sent there after his dad decided he could not handle him any longer. His dad wanted to send him to a military school, but all of them rejected Larry. He would always harass any new kid, especially if they were smaller than him. No one knows exactly why Larry was so negative back then, but they suspected that his curiosity was the culprit. Larry is extremely adventurous and likes to wander off and explore. He read books about Louis and Clark’s adventures, and, man, he was hooked. His wandering off would typically get him into some
serious trouble. Our only guess is that he encountered something along one of his adventures, but he isn’t saying anything to anybody. That is not the Larry we know today though. Sweetie worked with him for many months, and he discovered helping others made him feel really good about himself. He was given his nickname because one day he was helping another little orphan work in a field when the smell of Lavender filled the air as Rosie walked by. She told Larry his new nickname was Lavy, short for lavender, and it stuck because he always smells of sweet perfume now. He still likes to be adventurous, but he is much more cautious than in the past and makes sure to tell someone where he is going before he heads outs.