Roonicans Fiesty King, AKA Rooney, is a super sweet Carin Terrier. She was adopted at six weeks old and especially loves all children. She loves wandering off in the forest to play with the little stinkers. Her favorite sport is soccer, and, boy, she is a pro. She picked the sport up at an early age and will play with the soccer ball almost all day long. She will use her paws to kick the ball and can do all sorts of tricks with it using her nose. Her favorite soccer team is Manchester United and has a Man U team jersey she wears on game days. In fact she was named after the famous soccer player Wayne Rooney of Manchester United. I bet that explains why she likes soccer so much! She was asked to play in a soccer game with the little stinkers and then scored the winning goal, although Stanky’s crew filed protest because she used her nose. She is super sweet and looks for any opportunity to play outside.
If you were not aware, dogs are one of the skunk’s biggest enemies. However, Rooney loves everyone, especially kids. She will roll around on the floor and kiss your feet each time you are introduced to her. She has a kind heart, and the little stinkers have adopted her as their mascot for the orphanage.