Winthrop Ferguson Alexander III – AKA “Stanky”

Stanky is one of the most FOUL SMELLING skunks around. He never has a good day and always STINKS up everyone he meets. He is a bad example for the other little STINKY skunks, and most parents don’t want him playing with their kids.

Stanky’s story is quite different from Sweetie’s. He grew up in a two story log and had both parents with him his whole life. He was a happy, healthy skunk until the one day his life was changed forever. He sure could learn a lot from Sweetie.

Stanky was in school one day when someone in class hollered, “What’s that on Winthrop!?” The entire class laughed at Stanky, but Stanky didn’t have a clue what was going on. He immediately went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. A large bird had pooped on Stanky on his way through the forest to school. The droppings landed in such a way that it appeared that Stanky had two white stripes that closely resembled an “X” on his back. Stanky was devastated and immediately began cleaning himself up.

When he returned to the classroom, everyone laughed at him again. From that day forward, Stanky started looking for everything that was wrong in his life. It started out rather innocently, but as the years went by Stanky really STANK all the time with his negative STINKIN’ THINKIN’. What was so true for Sweetie, was also true for Stanky. Everytime he had a thought, it always came true. The trouble was, Stanky only had STINKING thoughts!

Now, Stanky lives alone in his burrowed out dirt mound. He never takes a bath and makes fun of everyone he sees. He is always pulling mean pranks on the other little skunks. Poor Stanky. He was so happy in his nice clean two story log. But now he is mean, nasty, and STANKY! Maybe someday soon, someone will help Stanky with his negative STINKIN’ THINKIN’ and help him change his STINKIN’ life back to a happy one once and for all.

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