Mary Elizabeth Smith – AKA “Sweetie”

She and her best friend Twiggy were out playing in a park close to a lake. They were running and having a good time. Twiggy must have had some STENCH in her that day because when they both saw a picnic basket on a park bench Twiggy said, “I bet I can’t even get close to the basket, and I bet I get something thrown at me again.” Sure enough, Twiggy got exactly what she had imagined. As she lurked within a few feet of the basket, the father of the family hollered, picked up a stick, and threw it at her. The stick actually hit Twiggy right on the back, and boy did that cause a STINK to spew out! The family screamed, picked up their basket, and sprinted to their nearby car. What a SMELLY scene this was!

Sweetie thought back to her chocolate cake and apple experiment. They walked a while and saw another basket. Sweetie turned to Twiggy, “Watch and learn. I am going to walk up and get something SWEET to eat, AND I will even get a smile from the people.” Sweetie walked straight to the basket. Just on the other side of the basket was a 3 year old boy. The boy instantly said, “Kitty! Kitty!” The boy was actually calling Sweetie to him. She walked right up to him, and he started petting her very gently. The next thing you know Sweetie was doing tricks for the boy and rolling around. The boy laughed heartily as Sweetie flipped and jumped on the blanket.