The Little Stinkers – Rosie, Lavy and Sugar

The little stinkers all live in the same orphanage where Sweetie grew up. Sweetie volunteers 20 hours a week to support the orphanage, TOOMANYSMELLS4U, and does community service. A lot of times Sweetie invites the little stinkers to do community service with her. She’ll take them to pick up trash at the park, plant trees, deliver MOBs (Meals on Backs) to the shut-ins, work in the Salavation Army’s soup kitchen, and countless other service activities.
So why are they called the little stinkers when they do so many kind deeds for others? To that question there is definitely an answer. When sweetie started volunteering at the orphanage, she said she would be “big sister” to the worst little skunks at the facility. She wanted the ones that had no hope for adoption and that the others had written off. She believes that a positive attitude can change anyone’s life. The director of the orphanage begged Sweetie not to do this because these kids were, to quote her, “beyond help.” Sweetie took this as a challenge and started working with the kids that very same day. Boy, did those little skunks STINK! We still call them the “little stinkers” but do so in a fun way today.