This holiday season, I am going to do something different.  I recently read that that at least one state uses a child’s literacy level in the 4th grade to determine future prison bed requirements and it really opened my eyes.   Then I read that middle class children have on average 13 age appropriate books per child while lower class children have about 1 age appropriate book for every 300 children.  These stats are simply unacceptable.

We can at least solve the later issue and get books to kids who desperately need it. This holiday season, my children author friends at the EBC (Evolutionary Business Council) created a program to allow people to donate books that are being offered at production costs. Just imagine the difference we can make when we work together to help solve this serious issue.

Here’s how it works. Go to [shortened link] and select the books you would like to have donated in your name or in others that you are providing gifts. Because the books are donated at production costs, there is a minimum quantity of 5 books to purchase. After you pay for the books, you will be sent a PDF that contains cards to print and insert into your Christmas cards and/or gift cards. There will be several to choose from but all will say, “A book has been donated to a children’s charity in need of quality books.”

Help me make a difference today and donate much needed books to our children’s charities this holiday season. Go to [shortened link] for the full details.

Thank you!

We can do better! Only 1 in 300 underprivileged kids have age appropriate books. Get books to them at cost this holiday [shortened link]
Arizona predicts their future prison population by reading ability of 4th graders. Be the change. Help us get books to kids [shortened link]
Donate a book at cost for a kid in need this holiday season and make a difference in the world today. Go to [shortened link].
Weak literacy leads to high rates of school drop out . Don’t let this happen to our kids. Donate books today at cost! [shortened link]
“A book has been donated in your name to children’s charities needing books…” This is your chance to make a difference, [shortened link].


Do something unique this holiday by donating books to kids who can’t afford them. How cool will it be to send out gifts that read, “A book(s) have been donated a children’s charity on your behalf.” For only a few dollars, you can make this happen. The EBC’s children authors have agreed to sell books at production cost to get them donated to children’s charity. Go to [shortened link] to find out how you can make a difference.
This is CRAZY! Arizona projects how many prison beds it will need in the future by reading ability of 4th graders. Be the change. Donate books to kids in need today for only a few dollars per book. Go to [shortened link] to donate books and change a child’s life forever!
We cannot let this happen any longer. It is certainly disturbing that low-income children have on average about one age appropriate book per 300 children. However, when you compare it those statistics to that of middle-income children, it becomes even more unacceptable. That‘s because these children have about 13 books per child. Change the statistics today. Donate children’s books offered at production cost to get amazing children’s books to these kids. Go to [shortened link] and see the details.

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