Exercise – “Hey, SMELL This!”

Step 2 – The Poster

Write “I SMELL Good!” at the top of the poster board. Tape or glue the hearts on the construction paper wherever you like. In the blank areas of the poster board, fill in with things you would like in your life. You can cut out pictures from magazines, use real pictures, cartoons, draw your own pictures, use words, letters, numbers, etc. Somewhere in those blank spaces you need to have positive emotions you would like to experience. Examples include: Love, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Courage, Gratitude, etc.

Step 3 – Daily Work

Write the days of the week on each of the 7 index cards. Each morning, take out the index card for that day and carry it with you during your day. It does not matter where you go or what you do, just carry it with you all day. Every time a single SWEET SMELLING thought pops up, say “Thank you. Ahhh!” Then make a mark on your index card for that day. You are now tracking your positive or SWEET SMELLING thoughts. I personally love this exercise, and I am sure that you will to. Since what you focus on EXPANDS, having SWEET SMELLING thoughts will bring more SWEET things to you.

Step 4 – Updating Heart #1

Each night, Start by spraying the fragrance can around in the air close to your poster board. Take a nice breath and say “I SMELL GOOD!” then on the heart you labeled “SWEET SMELLLING Thoughts,” write the day and the number of marks you made on your index card for the day. An example would be: Monday – 8, Tuesday – 13, Wednesday – 18, etc . . .