Exercise – “Hey, SMELL This!”

Step 5 – Updating Heart #2

Next, update the heart labeled “What I Attracted” if any things you put in the blank spaces of your poster board have shown up in your life. Spray the the fragrance again, take a nice breath and say “I SMELL GOOD!” For example, if you put a new phone in the blank space of your poster board and you got one today, then draw an arrow from the heart to the phone and then either draw another picture in the heart or simply write the word “phone.”

Step 6 – Updating Heart #3

Last, update the heart labeled “SWEET Emotions” if you had any really good feelings during the day. Spray the fragrance one more time, take a nice breath and say “I SMELL GOOD!” Draw an arrow from heart #3 to the SWEET Emotion you had today, and then write the emotion on the heart.

Step 7 – Final Step

After a week of doing this exercise everyday, show your poster to your friends, family members, or anyone you would like to. Before you tell them what you are doing, preface it by saying “I SMELL GOOD!” Then explain your new SWEET SMELLING poster.

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