Your Full STINKING Forecast

Match your score from the quiz to find your STINKING Forecast

1 to 10 – Blue Skies with a chance of SWEET SCENTS
You have a very good chance of putting smiles on other people’s faces. Your day will be filled with love, joy, and peace because you do not have any STINKING thoughts that could weigh you down. Keep up the good work and continue SMELLING good!
11 to 20 – Mostly Blue Skies with a TRACE of STINK
You are doing some things right and when you have STINKING thoughts, you do not dwell on them. You will typically find beauty in nature and other people. You do, however, notice some bad things around you. Stay focused on what you want and what pleases you. You deserve to be happy and at peace.
21 to 30 – Partly Sunny with a HINT of TANGINESS
You typically have good days mixed with bad days. On the good days, you feel really good about yourself while on STINKING days, you feel really bad. You have days that typically slant more on the negative side versus the positive. Keep focusing on the positive so you can have really good days more often.
31 to 40 – Mix of Sun and Clouds with a WHIFF of P-U SMELL
Your days are filled with a moderate concentration of negative STINKING thoughts. These thoughts affect your attitude and keep you from experiencing what life has to offer you. Start working on your STINKING thoughts before it is too late!
41 to 50 – Mostly cloudy with a good chance of STINKOCITY
You are headed in the wrong direction however it is not too late to turn your day into a good one. Most of your thoughts are STINKY and emit a raunchy SMELL. This SMELL can affect others and they typically notice your STENCH but don’t say anything to you. Find someone to help you get your SWEET SCENTS back. Be aware of your negative STINKING thoughts so you can start realizing your full potential.
51 to 60 – Scattered showers with an excellent chance of SWEATY BODY MISTS
Things are heading south very quickly. You are starting to not only STINK up your immediate surrounding with your negative STINKING thoughts but also are passing it on to others. Don’t STINK any more! Start working on your awareness of those STINKING thoughts and get them turned around before a full storm heads your way.
61 to 70 – Heavy showers with moderate to high levels of DISGUSTING BODY ODORS
Most of your day is filled with negative STINKING thoughts and you are affecting more than just a couple of people. When you start to SMELL, others will not say anything to you, however, when you start to STINK this bad, you will probably be embarrassed when others say, “What’s that SMELL!” Start working on deciding how you want your days to be. Just one positive day can have a major snowball effect on future ones. Have that positive day today.
71 to 80 – Steady rains likely with the FRAGRANCE of dirty TOILET WATER
Ok, things are starting to go down the drain! Your days are filled with focusing on what you do not want. You might even think that that world is out to pick on you and is punishing you. When you start STINKING like toilet water, your entire surroundings are affected. Others will tell you, “Man, you STINK!” right to your face because the SMELL is so PUNGENT. Change just one STINKING thought to a positive one and see how you day turns out.
81 to 90 – Severe thunderstorms likely with UNBEARABLE STENCH all around
Things are starting to get out of control. Your STENCH is causing the health department to come out to your neighborhood to find out what REEKS so badly. Your days are filled with focusing on everything you do not want and you may be content with the results. You know you must STINK badly when someone stops by your house and asks if this is where the dump is located because they followed their nose right to you. Believe it or not, you still can get your STINK out. It starts one day at a time. Don’t try to look too far into the future. Stay in the present moment and think of something that puts a smile on your face.
91-100 – Severe thunderstorms & Tornado WARNINGS with SEVERE REEKNESS – P-U!
WARNING! WARNING! This is NOT a test! This is a message of the emergency broadcasting company. Proceed directly to the nearest bathtub with a full bottle of shampoo and a new bar of soap and start getting your STINK out! This is NOT a test! This has been a message of the emergency broadcasting company. As you wash with the soap, think of at least one thing that makes you happy. Got it, good! You have now moved up to Scattered Thunderstorms and the Tornado Warnings have expired.