Your Bonus Gifts for Purchasing

The Remembering Process

    By Dr Joe Vitale and Daniel Barrett



Below are your FREE bonus gifts for buying The Remembering Process. Get ready to download some STINKIN’ COOL stuff that was designed to help you keep a positive attitude and create a life you love. Below are the 3 bonus gifts + 2 EXTRA ones for you.  Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it regularly.

Below are the links for the free gifts!

Gift #1 – 30 Days of Sunsets Affirmation Screensaver – Click here to download the screensaver that includes 30 consecutive sunsets from the beach (size 5.7 MB in .exe format for PC only, no Mac) – Experience 30 consecutive beach sunsets images that contain positive affirmations to help you keep a positive attitude throughout your day.

Gift #2 – Register for FREE access to the Membership section of! It contains all sorts of fun stuff for Kids, Parents and even Educators! You also get your very own personal Kindness Meter to track your kind deeds and issue challenges to your family and friends. Click on the Kindness Meter to register and get instant access to this premium content!

Gift #3 – Download the stickers you can print of characters from the site and print using Avery labels.  Click here to download the small 1.5 inch stickers and use Avery 8293.  Click here to download the large 2.5 inch stickers and use Avery 22830.

EXTRA – EXTRA – EXTRA Bonus Gifts just for you!

Gift #4 – Play The STINKIN’ THINKIN’ Quiz now by clicking here.

Gift #5 – Sign up for Daily Positive Points now by clicking the link at the top right of the page! Daily Positive Points are emails delivered to your inbox Monday-Friday each week and contain an inspirational or motivational quote, an Action Item on Mondays, plus a message that relates to the quote of the day. It’s FREE so sign up now!

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