51 to 60 – Write 5 affirmations and practice them daily

Affirmations are one of the key ingredients to getting rid of your unappealing STENCH. They offer a way to stop the STINKING thinking and start helping you SMELL GOOD.

Did you know that pretty much everyone uses affirmations every daily without even knowing it? Have you ever heard someone say, “I am terrible at math.”, or “I am sick and tired…”, or even “I am so angry?” Believe it or not, each one of these is an actual affirmation. It is just that we have come so accustomed to saying them, we do not realize we are really just sending out STINKING thoughts that ultimately send us back STINKING things in return.

I caution you here. Whenever you say “I am…” together, that is one of the very most strongest affirmations ever said. The key is to make sure that you put something that has SWEET SCENTS versus negative STINKING things immediately after “I am.”

Not to worry, below I have listed several affirmations that will get you started. Use them or write your own but the key is to say them daily. I suggest starting out by writing 5 affirmations down (or use 5 from the list below) and saying them three times a day. Read them when you first wake up, some time around lunch, then right before you go to bed. Pay close attention to the SWEET things that will start to show up in your life.

Affirmations on Kindness
I Am a good person and I do kind things for others.
I Am excited about doing things for others today.
I Am happy today and I will share this with other people today.
I Am dedicated to do kind things today.
I Am committed to make a difference in the world today.
I Am determined to do kindness several times today.

Affirmations on Happiness
I Am determined to remain happy today.
I Am a happy person today.
I Am happy today and I will share my happiness with others.
I Am filled with happiness today.
I Am dedicated to share my happiness today.
I Am aware of staying happy all day today.

Affirmations on Positive Thoughts
I Am dedicated to staying positive today.
I Am a positive person filled with love and joy.
I Am a powerful magnet for all positive outcomes in my life.
I Am committed to keeping a positive outlook today.
I Am dedicated to keeping track of my positive thoughts today.
I Am a positive person able to attract anything I want.
I Am very grateful to have positive things happen to me today.

Affirmations on Abundance
I Am a powerful magnet for money and happiness.
I Am a powerful magnet for my desires. Oceans of money flow to me.
I Am deserving of abundance and happiness.
I Am worthy of all the magnificent things I create.
I Am one step closer to creating my desires.
I Am dedicating to creating abundance in all aspects of my life.

Affirmations on Spirituality
I Am a holy extension of God.
I Am connected to God and the Angels.
I Am deserving of God’s grace.
I Am dedicated to learn more about God and the Angels.
I Am worthy of God’s plan for me.
I Am connected to everyone I see.
I Am guided by Angels daily.
I Am deserving of God’s beauty.

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