71 to 80 – Do the “Take Out Your STINKING Trash” Exercise

Negative thoughts STINK and I don’t want you to STINK no more! As a result, I have developed aSTINKING exercise to help you get your STINK out. It is a fun and easy exercise to keep you fromSTINKING up your house, your neighborhood, your school, your work and your entire town. It incorporates the STINKING tracking approach mentioned in chapter 2 however has a few new parts.

If you are ready to get your STINK out, try the following exercise and you will be well on your way to not STINKING any more. By working through this exercise, you will not only not STINK, you will begin to SMELL GOOD! When you SMELL GOOD, you are able to change the STINKOCITY of your immediate surroundings. So go on, SMELL GOOD and share your GOOD SMELL with others from now on!

Start by taking a piece of paper and write Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun across the top of the page. Draw a line down between each day of the week. Like this:

Next, get a piece of paper or a small notepad and carry it with you all day. It does not matter where you go or what you do, carry it with you all day. Do this every day for the next week. Every time a STINKING thought pops up, say “Thank you for sharing. I am becoming aware of my STINKING thoughts. Thank you.”

Take a pencil or pen and put a mark on the paper or pad.
Just before going to bed, add the marks up.
Put that number in the appropriate day of the week column.

Now the fun part.

After entering the total on your chart, take the tally sheet you used that day and rip it into as many small pieces as you have marks for that day. For example, if you had 50 STINKING thoughts that day, tear the paper into exactly 50 pieces.
Get a LARGE plastic container with a lid and fill it with water.
Dump your STINKING thoughts into the water and place in your freezer. You might prefer an outdoor freezer for this, but it is ok if it is indoors.
Each morning, prepare for a new day by getting a clean tally sheet and setting your frozen container out in the sink to thaw.
Continue doing this for 7 days.
At the end of the day, start back at the top by entering your total on the chart and tearing your tally sheet into as many pieces as you had STINKING thoughts. Continue this for the whole week.
You will notice as the days pass, your old negative thoughts will begin to really STINK! Know that’s what they do to your life too!
On the last night, drain the water and take a big whiff of the STINKING soggy mess. Throw it in the waste bin!.