81 to 90 – Take a shower, write some affirmations, & start the “Take Out Your STINKING Trash” Exercise

Since the idea of a shower is to cleanse yourself of any dirt, it also has a subtle meaning that you are ready to be aware of your negative STINKING thoughts. You probably STINK really bad, so you will need to do three things to get your STINK out:

1) Take a shower;
2) Write 10 affirmations;
3) Do the “Take Out Your STINKING Trash” Exercise from the prescription range 71 to 80.

After you take your shower and SMELL good, start writing at least 10 affirmations. You can “click here” to few ones already written to assist you. Then work through the “Take Out Your STINKING Trash” exercise. Start today. You deserve beautiful, wonderful things to show up in your life.

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