This page is dedicated to eliminating bullying.  Content will be updated and added regularly so please keep coming back.

Bullying Resources

Life After Bullying – Click here to read this incredible article. 

NEW! Stop Bullying Video – Webisodes.  Click here to checkout this video AND a ton of additional information.
NEW! Click here checkout this anti-bullying video done by a middle school.  Truly amazing and incredible job!  Now that is what I am talking about!
Click here to checkout the first video. Michael & Marisa’s anti-bullying video.  Very, very nice job!

Websites – Our featured guest for Meet the Peeps for my Positive Pathways Newsletter – An excellent resource and blog for parents and anyone looking to assist kids today – Government site designed to assist with bullying – Incredible site with great information – Another great resource for how to deal with bullying – Bully lesson plans

More will be added very soon!