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Daily Positive Points

Weekday emails delivered straight to your inbox that contain a daily message which ties to a positive quote.

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A fun way to take positive quotes and look at them from a completely different point of view.


Kids Club

Great fun awaits you.  Get all sorts COOL stuff and connect safely with others with this FREE BONUS membership option.

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Positive Affirmation Screensavers await you.  A new screensaver is posted monthly so check them out!

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Arts & Crafts

Incredible, fun and easy STINKIN' things to create like "The STINK Stopper", "The Happy Trap" and SO much more.

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Comic Strips & Cartoons

Checkout the NEW 'lil STINKERS comic strips that will give you a nice chuckle & watch our characters come to life.

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For Parents

Professional guest articles, book excerpts, newsletters,radio interviews, family kindness challenges & much more awaite you.

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More COOL Stuff

STINKIN' Quizzes, virtual stickers of the characters, STINK of the Month prizes, the STINK Tank newsletter & much more!

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For Educators

Whether you are a teacher, a youth group leader, a boy/girl scout. or any kind of child mentor, great benefits await you.  Introducing the brand new Middle School Curriculum Pilot.  SA-WEET!

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intended for  Educators, Youth Leaders and Mentors.

Family Activities

Activities for your family with a positive slant.  Imagine that?  Get updated monthly activities that are both fun and easy to help you connect with your family. 

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Family Activities.