Excerpt from 7 Days to Inner Peace: The Building Blocks of Awareness
This exercise is PERFECT for the beginning of 2011.  It ic called: Clearing Your Mind and is designed to get you focused and stay focused throughout the year.  I use this prcoess EVERY day since 2006 and it has totally changed my level of production.  Click here to download this incredible excerpt.

Excerpt from The Building Blocks of Creation:  An Adolescent’s Guide to Awareness
This Building Block book was developed to help adolescents deal with the struggles that they incur during their day.  In the excerpt, you will get the first 7 exercises.  Click here to download this PDF and start realizing a positive, STINK-Free day.  Please feel free to share this with anyone who might could use the material.  If you would like the full eBook, please email me at bill@positract.com and I will send you a super discounted code specific for members only.