Fearless Focus is a person challenge  for you each to work on some area in your life.  Some of these will be fun and easy while others will be a bit more challenging.  That is by design.  This month, your Fearless Focus is Change Your Vocabulary. 

Change Your Vocabulary
 One thing you can do to help you find peace in your life is to change your vocabulary.  We are all guilty of this, so don’t take it personally at all.  There are a few things you can do that will have a major impact on a peaceful state of mind.
 This month, try the following:
 1)When someone says something negative to you, respond with something positive.  For example: Someone says the stock market tanked, respond with “At least I am having a great financial year.”
 2) Track your negative vocabulary.  Carry a pen and pad with you, and write down anytime you say anything negative.  Use the Take Out Your STINKIN’ Trash instructions for a structured exercise.
 3) Journal your gratitude nightly.  Take 5 minutes each night to jot down things you are grateful for.
 4) Do at least ONE of these three tools this month.
 Let us know about your challenges and successes.  We are here to help.  Send us an email at bill@positract.com.