Guest articles come to from some of the most well-known and respected teachers, mentors, coaches, doctors, and people making a difference in the world today. The articles are typically short but pack a powerful punch of content.

Our first guest articles come from Charlotte Reznick PhD. Her work is simply spectacular and her articles provide clear messages of how to deal with issues concerning kids today.

Guest Artcle: The Healing Powers of Children’s Art – by Charlotte Reznick PhD
Since the first cave paintings, we humans have found creative ways to express ourselves with art. We naturally draw, paint, and doodle to capture thoughts and feelings. Art has also been used throughout history for healing. Studies show that it creates brain wave patterns that enhance the autonomic nervous system, hormonal balance, and brain neurotransmitters. While doing artistic expressive art, the body’s physiology shifts from stressed to serene.  Click here to read download and read the rest of the article.

Guest Article: Boost Your Child’s Brain Power With A Little Imagination – by Charlotte Reznick PhD
Test grades are pouring in – not always with the best results.

It’s just the beginning of the school year, already the test grades are pouring in – and not always with the best results. Does your child have a learning style that sometimes gets in the way of his success at school? Is he often labeled slow, lazy, or disruptive? Without understanding and support, kids with different learning styles than their peers can suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety from too much pressure, or a negative attitude toward school and learning.   Click here to read more.