The STINK DeCoder
The STINK DeCoder is finally here!  Sa-WEET!  Click here to download the super cool STINK DeCoder that also includes an incredible case.  It contains a SECRET MESSAGE but you have to build your STINK DeCoder to unveil it.  Then, there will be new messages placed throughout the website.  You will have to first identify the location of the SECRET MESSAGE in the website then use your STINK DeCoder to uncover the message.  The first message is in the download though.  I want to see YOUR STINK DeCoder.  Send me an email at with a picture of it.  I will then put it on a newly created page for everyone to see.

Novel Submitted by a 12 Year Old
Here’s something brand new and was submitted by a 12 year old!  Now how cool is that?  It is the opening prologue for a novel she is writing.  Yes, I said that.  A novel she is writing.  Wouldn’t it be cool to start a Kid’s Writing Club and share stories with each other?  You could even enter contests with the writing you produce.  That would be so cool!

Click here to read the opening prologue from the AWESOME 12 year old.
I am wanting to get the opening chapter as well asn if she sends it, I will post it in here.

Do you know of any kids that would like to write something for my kids newsletter: The STINK Tank?  If so, send them my information.  I am always looking for way to boost kids self-esteem and give other kids ways they can participate in the work that I do.

It’s finally here!  We Don’t STINK Kids Club is a super cool place where kids can come to and have lots of fun.  This virtual group is not a place where kids connect or anything like that.  It is a place that offers kids an opportunity to create their own kids club within their own town with friends they already know.  We will provide you with all the necessary tools to start up a group.

But FIRST, we want to hear what kinds of things you would like included.  We are currently working on a packet of information that can be downloaded.  It contains the information necessary to create your own STINKIN’ club.  Pretty SaWEET, huh?

Look for more details over the next few weeks and don’t forget to send us your ideas!

With peace and gratitude,