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Back in December, on my wedding anniversary, my wife and I went to see Brave Combo in concert with the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra.  It was a Christmas show that I will always remember.  Brave Combo, a new wave Polka Band, had people dancing in the aisles, dancing in the seats, and even had some dancing on the stage.  I have been to many Christmas concerts in my time but nothing like this.  I will say that I have been to some fabulous Christmas concerts but what Brave Combo provided cannot compare to anything I have ever witnessed. 

I had no idea what to expect because everyone who had ever heard of them told me, “Well, they are different.”  They did not say it in bad way or anything like that.  I think it was because Brave Combo is so hard to explain exactly what they do.  Even now, I find it very difficult to give specifics about their concert other than to say that I left concert feeling so good.  Who would have thought that I would be doing the “Twist” and the chicken dance at a Christmas concert?  How do your really explain that where others would understand?  That should tell you enough.  The positive energy displayed through the evening was exactly what my soul needed.  What a great way to spend my anniversary!

THANK YOU Brave Combo for such an AWESOME performance and THANK YOU Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra  for having them perform.  PLEASE have them back next year!  One last thing I want to repeat here is that this was BY FAR my favorite Christmas concert ever.

Peace and gratitude,


Today marks 23 years of marriage to my most beautiful wife, Tami.  As I was thinking about what to say here about our time together, I decided to include something I had written about her in a book that has yet to be completed.  It really does express my feelings about our relationship.  Enjoy!weddingpic

Beauty can only get you so far, but she had it all. When I met her that day, my heart felt a connection that words could not describe. As I said before, I never really believed in love at first site, but mine was really love at first smile. She remains the most beautiful person I have ever met because her spirit is so pure. She may not believe it all the time, but that doesn’t make it untrue. She has more beauty, style, grace, poise, charm, personality, charisma, character, and spirit than anyone I have ever met. She is the kindest, loveliest woman that there ever could be.

She is my greatest teacher. She has taught me love, friendship, self-esteem, confidence, courage, self-worth, honesty, forgiveness, and how to be a better person. She has taught me more than any one person could ever teach me about myself. She is my light, my joy, my happiness, my friend, the love of my life, and most of all, my one true soul mate.

Happy Anniversay Tami!  I love you!

Love and gratitude,