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IDontSTINK.com is proud to announce our first Charter Kids Club.  It is called “We Don’t STINK Kids Club” and will be an amazing club for kids this summer and throughout the year.  It will be filled will all sorts of activities and COOL STINKIN’ stuff that’s for sure.  The kids will be having so much fun that they will not be aware that they are learning powerful techniques to help them deal with STINKIN’ THINKIN’. 

Our mission statement: We Don’t STINK Kids Club offers a fun environment where kids learn about positive thinking, build self-esteem, show kindness, and reach for their highest potential.

Want to learn more?  We are holding a WebEx Thursday, June 10th at 7PM.  We will cover all the details of this new kids club that will holding all of its meetings in Denton, TX.  Send us an email at bill@positract.com so we can send you the invite.  Also, we will be launching a virtual “We Don’t STINK Kids Club” at the same time.  This will allow kids from all over the world to participate in the fun activities of the Denton, TX club.  We will be holding an information WebEx in about 2-3 weeks to explain the details of the virtual club.

Fun stuff is happening at idontstink.com.  Keep checking our blog, friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on these activities.

With lots of peace and gratitude,


Today, I finished planting Tomatos, Cucumbers, and Okra in my two earthboxes.  I got a lot of help from my best buddy and five year old neighbor.  He was a BIG help for such a small package.  Tomatos 2008

The cool thing about him (and his younger brother) is that they remind me each day how wonderful life is.  Not a care in the world other than to have fun.  We started our project yesterday but only completed one box.  I told him that when I got home from work tonight he could come over and help me with planting the next box.  When I drove up to my house, as I open the door he was already running over to get to work.  He had his work gloves on and was carrying his giraffe shovel.  It was priceless.  After working about an hour, he said something very funny.  He said, “You know, I like it better just watching than working.  I am just gonna sit and watch you a while”.

I will keep you posted on the growing of my plants.  I have grown tomatos for the past 3 years and it is unbelievable how quick they grow.  I haven’t done cucumbers or okra before so I am excited about growing them too. 

Have a wonderful, peaceful, and loving weekend.


Hello everyone.  This morning there were some powerful storms that came through the Dallas Metroplex.  I was looking out my window after the heavy stuff was over and saw two kids playing in the rain.  They had a little puddle that they just could not help playing in.  One rode his three-wheeler while the other one pushed a big dump truck back and forth through the water.

This reminded me that I used to do the same thing when I was growing up.  After each heavy rain, I would immediately go outside and play.  I loved to build boats and “launch” them down mini river that was actually a ditch.  Boy, that sure was a fun time.

I think we all can learn something from this.  Sometimes we need to just have fun.  Forget about all of our worries and just do something fun.  Because of this, I set up a golf outing for later this week.  This boys sure taught me something today.  Thank you!