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Yesterday I got some awesome news.  My friend Garry and I have been working on a book project since October 2008.  We actually met in Jamaica and formed a quick friendship.  We were trying to think of a way that we could help the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Then, the book idea was formed.  Publish a book with positive stories from people who have worked at McDonald’s and the lessons they learned there.

After 11 months of persistence and determination, we actually have official legal approval to move ahead.  The best part, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to benefit the families with ill children.  The tentative title is, “Transformational Stories from Behind the Counter: Lessons I Learned at McDonald’s.” 

With the official approval, we also get some pretty cool marketing.  Corporate McDonald’s in Chicago is going to advertise for us on their internal website.  The Ronald McDonald House is going to get the word out too.  Now how sweet is that?

If you know of someone who worked at McDonald’s and think that they might like to submit a story, send them to www.fastfoodfunfacts.com to see the details for capturing their story.  We are expecting there to be between 30-50 stories in this project.

 With total gratitude,