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Life is ___________________________________.  I was listening to Tony Robbins today in my car and he said a few things that really got me thinking.  In his particular audio Tony was talking about metaphors.  Specifically how we use them in either empowering or destructive ways.  Take a few minutes to fill in the blank.  I suggest to write down 10 things that you believe life is.  Try to do this without thinking too much.  Just put down what you normally say or hear others saying.  Then look for anything that has a negative connotation to you and cross them out.  It is time for a new metaphor.  For example if you wrote, “Life is a struggle,” mark a line through it.  Then change it to something softer.  Maybe something like this, “Life is like the spring.  Sometimes it storms but other times it springs beautiful sunny days.”  You see, that just feels better, doesn’t it?

Life is ____________________________________.  Fill in the blank now, mark off the negative ones, and watch your life “Spring” into a brilliance.

Peace, gratitude, and sunny days!