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Look for details next week on my brand spanking new Premium Membership site launch.  There will be so many new and cool things to do and check out.  Look for details next week!


Yesterday my wife sent me a video link of author Bob Doyle in which he recorded a webinar.  It was filled with all sorts of great information and was well worth the time spent watching it.  Here is the link if you would like to check it out: wealthbeyondreason.  Take a few minutes to watch the entire video.  I found myself pausing and then replaying several portions of it.  I haven’t ever really listened to Bob Doyle before, other than when he was on The Secret, but I found his webinar very refreshing.  I highly recommend you checking it out by clicking here.  Then see if what he says resonates with you.  I also bookmarked it so I could listen to it again!

with gratitude and peace,