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Yesterday I was watching some pelicans fly by me as I was sitting on the beach.  While watching them it was very clear that they were using teamwork and staying focused on their ulitmate objective: survival.  At some point in their evolution, they learned that when they work together thier chances of finding food was significantly increased.

I believe we can learn a valuable lesson from these birds.  No matter how good you are at what you do, there is always someone else that can help you achieve your goals.  For me, I frequently attend seminars and workshops to help me grow both personally and professionally.  I suggest that you find someone who can mentor or coach you, I certainly do.  Even though I coach and mentor others, I have found it extremely benificial to get coached myself.  Initially I thought I didn’t need any assistance but man, I was way wrong.  Getting coached and attending seminars has helped me take giant leaps toward achieving my goals. 

Once you get a coach or attend some seminars and workshops, the next step is to stay focused on your goals.  Get the attitude of “I can and I WILL do this” and accept nothing but a positive result.  You know, that part of you that “steps it up” when it is a do or die situation.  You can achieve anything you desire, just seek help from others and then have a focused determination to do whatever it takes to achieve it.  You CAN do this and I know you WILL.

Peace and gratitude,