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The 8x10 Picture Frame Hanging On My Wall

In keeping with my fearless focus challenge in last month’s newsletter, I created a new mini vision board picture frame.  One thing that i noticed right away was that my emotional state was positively influenced as I was creating it.  For this one, I wanted incantations that I typically do (THANK YOU Tony Robbins!) plus some other text on this frame.  I really could feel my spirit lift and when it put me in a new state, man, my days have been FILLED with focus, creativity, and gratitude.  Those just happen to be the themes of the 3 8×10 picture frames hanging in my house that I see at least 20 times a day.

If you haven’t created your own picture frames to put on your desk, I strongly encourage you to do so NOW!  It will raise your spirits and make you feel good.

On My Desk: The Frame Made for This Month

On My Desk: The Frame Made for This Month

Click here now to check out the software I used to create my vision boards and picture frames.

And do you know what?  When you are feeling good, you are feeling God!  (Thank you Wayne Dyer!)
Peace, love, and creativity,