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Today is the official launch for the brand new vision board software.  I use it every single day and have it on both my laptop and my desktop.  Check out the software when you have a minute.  It is simply incredible!  Here’s a copy of the press release:

Vision Board System (VBS) is the most powerful goal setting and motivation package on the market and is the product of six years of experience. It enables you to visualize your goals and dreams in unique and dynamic ways on your computer screen, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, photo frame, on your office wall, personal website and so on, using your personal dream images, affirmations and even your chosen audio. VBS combines effective software with superb educational material and ongoing encouragement. Don’t waste another minute. Make this dynamic Vision Board System part of your daily goal achievement TODAY! Click here to learn more!

With tons of gratitude,


How do I use vision boards to manifest my goals?  I am not someone who uses only one type, I use several.  Every January 1st since 2000, my family and I create 8×10 picture frames illustrating how we want our year to turn out.  We do 3 frames each and use a variety of different tools to create them such as markers, magazines, stickers, etc.  We put them in a place where we will see them every day.  This has been one of the most powerful tools I have used in creating the life I want.  I am amazed each year as we take down the old ones and notice all the things that were manifested the previous year.

I also create a poster size vision board.  I put it in a place that I will see it each day.  I always leave a little room to add more things/themes as the year goes on.  To fill one up completely it takes me well over a couple of years.

Lastly, I use some software called Vision Board.  This tool is AWESOME and I believe that for me, it may be the most powerful tool I have used.  Because I am typically at my computer a significant amount of time each day, I am constantly reminded about my goals and affirmations.  The tool is unique because it offers a library of affirmations, images, a movie maker, records your voice, allows sharing, & even offers you the option to create a desktop or a printed version.  I especially like the mini popups from the bottom toolbar that has my affirmations used in my screensaver vision board.

Click here to check out Vision Board. I liked the tool so much I am offering some really cool gifts for anyone buying the software.  Once you purchase it, you will get links to 13 gifts (and these gifts are really good I have to add).  I have built a vision board screensaver using this tool and will send it to you if you are interested.  All you have to do is send me an email at bill@positract.com and request a copy.

Whatever you decide to do, start your vision board today.  Whether it is creating picture frames, posters, or software, start today.  I cannot emphasize this enough so get started today.  Be sure to place your vision board in a place you will see it every day.  I would love to see pictures of your vision boards once you create them so send me some images when you are ready.

Happy Manifesting!  Peace and gratitude,