My First STINKIN' Post

Hello everyone.  Thank you for taking the time to view my STINKIN’ Blog.  Since this is my first post, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some details about how I Don’t STINK came about.  Just over a year ago, I was in an intensive training class and was trying to come up with a few good one liners to create state changes.  Out of no where, “I Don’t STINK!” came to my mind.  I wrote it down and had planned on using it during my seminars when I sensed the room getting restless.   I would use it something like this:  “Everyone stand up, turn to your neighbor, and say, I Don’t STINK!”  A little later I would say, “Turn back to your neighbor and say, Oh, you SMELL so good!”

What turned out to be a little state change has turned into a website, a quiz, kindness meters, a new book, and a bunch of STINKIN’ Products.  So please join me in helping the world smell better.  You can do so by signing up for my eNewsletter called, “The STINK Tank” or you can simply start doing kind deeds for others by tracking them on your very own Kindness Meter. 

I plan to post new blogs regularly so please come back often.  I encourage you to add your own comment on any of my posts. 

With love and gratitude, Bill

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