Shakespeare in the Park II

Last night, a number of family members met to watch another one of Shakespeare’s plays, “Othello.”  My wonderful niece from Louisiana was visiting and hadn’t ever seen a Shakespeare play before.  I wish she would have been here for “All’s Well and Ends Well” last weekend because it was a much more cheerful play.  Although it was an excellent performance by a cast of incredible actors, to me,  Othello just wasn’t near as good as last weekend’s play.  I am that I liked last weekend’s play because it was a comedy (and a really good one at that) and this was a tragedy.

We knew Vince, the actor who played Othello, and sat in a special reserved section.  It was perfect because it had a cover over it while the others in the audience got a few rain drops through the performance.  I can tell you that Vince is an unbelievable actor.  He was just as flawless as he was in “A Raisin in the Sun” that we saw a while back.  Vince, great, great job!

Seeing Shakespeare in the park for the first time last week and a second time this weekend, I am hooked.  I will definitely make this a regular activity. 

Peace and gratitude,


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