A Soldier's Play

Tonight my wife and I went to see A Soldier’s Play.  We were looking forward to seeing Vince McGill play Captain Richard Davenport because Vince is just AWESOME in every play we have seen him in.  You can see instantly that he has “BIG TIME” written all over his name.  These blog posts might end up being worth a fortune someday!  Normally I just talk about Vince but not this time.  There were 12 actors, and I can honestly say each of them gave memorable, incredible performances!  You were given a glimpse of each of the characters’ past and it really opened my eyes to how fathers can influence their children.  However, not everyone uses it as an excuse to do something that is simply wrong.  I believe that every high school child should be required to see this play.  Wow!  What a powerful performance.

The play, as it is written, can get a little confusing at times because of the flashbacks and flashbacks within flashbacks but somehow they pulled it off to perfection!  I was never confused and I was completely into it from the first to the last scene.  The acting was so strong that I am sure all of these guys will be leads in future plays wherever they choose.  Great, great job!  You all nailed it!

If you live in the DFW area, take the time to go to this play.  There are only 4 performances left so do yourself a favor and go see it.  The DeSoto Corner Theater is located at 211 E. Pleasant Run, DeSoto, TX  75115.  Conveniently located only 15 minutes from downtown Dallas.  You can purchase tickets online at http://www.aareptheater.com/ or at the box office. 

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