The Fog of the Day

This morning I was driving to the health club and watched as freezing fog invaded my town.  As I thought about the fog, I knew there was clear sky above it and it got me thinking.  Many of us get smothered in negativity and negative thinking.  Sometimes it is so persistent we can’t see the good in anything.  It is kind of like that fog I saw this morning.img_0822

One thing about positive thinking is that sometimes you have to trust that there is something good going to happen to you.  When I get into any kind of negative state, I see it as a signal that I need to change my thinking because if I don’t, I am destined to have a miserable day.  img_0819Sure, some days are more difficult than others but when that happens to you, think about this fog example.  Realize that there are blue skies awaiting you if you can change your thoughts.  Before you know it, things will clear up and you will discover that you had nothing to worry about at all.

Peace, love, and positive thoughts,


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