90 Days of Kindness – Day 50

Today we were once again given a very cool air show by some of the locals.  Here in Destin, FL, there are several retired military pilots from World War II.  We discovered that they restored several 1944 T-6 Texans and to the delight of people on the beach, they fly in formation and put on a show.  When I hear the engine’s loud rumble, I rush out and look up to the sky.

IMG_2035Tonight when several of the planes made their appearance I started thinking about the kindness challenge.  As I looked around watching all eyes looking to the sky, I realized that these pilots were doing a very kind deed.  Yeah, maybe they were having fun but I still believe they are providing a service. 

During the week of Thanksgiving the past 3 years they really put on a show.  They even have smoke coming out and fly amazing close to the water that will actually take your breath away.  So, today I am grateful for these pilots for entertaining me and all the others here at the beach.

With peace and kindness,


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