90 Days of Kindness – Day 77

bonus_1I had an interesting thing happen today.  I actually started Christmas shopping this afternoon (I normally do ALL my shopping on Christmas Eve with my sister).  I tell you, it really was making me feel good.  I was able to find some awesome gifts at unbelievable savings.  After that, I noticed several nice things done for me.  On two occasions I had a nice financial reward – well, not necessarily a financial impact but more of a savings.  We had our yearly checkup for our heating unit in our house and I was expecting to pay well over $500 in parts to be replaced.  But, when it was all said and done, nothing needed replacing and my bill was $0.  SWEET!  One other thing happened that had me paying $0 when normally I would have had to pay $50.  It is amazing to me how abundance flows when the mindset is focused on giving.

With peace and gratitude,


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