Forgiveness – Part 2

Yesterday I posted how we should start the year off with forgiveness.  I find it quite interesting that often when I teach about a subject a perfect opportunity for me to learn from it comes on the very day.  I do not believe in coincidences but I have learned that those who teach also learn what they are teaching.  I discovered this quite some time ago as I was delivering workshops to young adults and adolescents.

With the theme set up from yesterday, let’s continue for the next 6 days to practice forgiveness.  Decide on one person each day to do this on.  It can be the same person or a different person each day.  It can even be yourself.  Imagine that!  Join me in freeing our minds from hurtful, nonsupporting thoughts of unforgiveness.  Forgiveness is not just a one time event.  It is a daily process that can deliver you peace, happiness and joy.

With gratitude and forgiveness,


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