happy_face1The other night I did something I haven’t really done before.  I started reading literature (OK, sure, I read some in college & high school but that was because I HAD to and hated it!).  I bought the book Essays & Poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson because I use so many of his quotes in my daily positive point emails.  I figured that he must be a pretty cool dude because his quotes are my favorites.

Well, I discovered something new about myself in the process.  The moment I started reading, I absolutely loved it.  That was very surprising for me.  I found that it was harder to put down than it was for the last dragon book series I just finished.  That really shocked me.  I guess all the other times I have read any literature was because of a grade involved.  Now I am enjoying reading it for pleasure.  Imagine that!

Emerson ROCKS!

With peace and gratitude,


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