Dramatic Paws

A couple of weeks ago I was working on a last minute project.  It was one of those projects that have you working long hours over multiple straight days.  Some of you may be aware of this but recently we adopted my son’s dog and my best friend, Rooney.  She has been a complete blessing in more ways than you can imagine.

After 4 straight days of watching me sit at the computer and work, she decided to take matters in her own “paws.”  During these long hours, she started jumping in my lap, probably just wanting some much needed attention.  On the fourth day after many hours of work, I had to run an errand and had her go for the ride with me.  That is something she loves.  When we got home, I sat back down in my desk chair.  Rooney immediately jumped in my lap.  I thought, that’s sweet. 

My head was turned away from the screen as I reached for the keyboard.  Something was different though.  Something was keeping me from reaching the keyboard.  I tried again, same result.  On the third time I put a little more force to it and turned my head to see what in the world was going on.  I looked down and Rooney had both of her paws on my right arm.  As I reached with more force, I saw her wrap her paws around my arm and then throw all of her weight on it with a determination I had never seen before.  I totally cracked up.  I realized she figured out that when my hands were on the keyboard, she got zero attention and was determined to make me play with her.

I immediately stopped work for the night and we played tug-of-war and I chased her around the house until she was wiped out (and me too!).  Sometimes we need subtle reminders to take a break.  Rooney gave me that reminder and I am very grateful that she did.

With peace and gratitude,

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